Baby Brain versus The Fuzz: Part Three

As regular readers will already know, I paid the annual registration for our car in May, but accidentally used the wrong reference number (because an old reference number comes up automatically in our bank system, and they can only be used once) – then failed to notice the lack of rego sticker in the mail because (a) The $770 fee was most certainly gone from our account, and (b) That was when I first became badly ill with this pregnancy.

Everything is sorted with the registration office, but the police chief’s representative said that, because the car has technically been unregistered all this time, we still have to pay a $1100 fine – or appeal to the Magistrate’s Court.

We appealed.

We now know that the Magistrate’s Court is an actual physical court that we will need to actually physically attend. CJ acquired some free legal advice, however, and we know what to say – I will plead guilty and ask for a “Section Ten” – basically, “Can you please let us off, because, like, come on pleeeeease.”

Sounds like a solid case to me.

Our present status is waiting for the official court summons, and hoping I’m not in labour or in China (we have a family wedding coming up next year) at the time.

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