Do not ask for whom the fluff falls

It falls for THEE!

At around this time every year, parts of Canberra are inundated with flying fluff as hundreds of white poplars do their pollination thing. It represents torture to allergy sufferers, Christmassy delights to snow-lovers, and a dire warning to students at the Australian National University (since it coincides with the beginning of the final term of the year).

This incredibly silly article sets out to disprove the myth that “If you haven’t started studying when the fluff begins to fall, you will fail at your exams.”

Yes, clearly, some people don’t particularly need to study (English major, anyone? I speak as one who knows). Hard-hitting journalism indeed.

It is a time in Canberra that is particularly peculiar and thus particularly enjoyable. Here’s hoping Her Majesty (who’s popping by her most distant colony this week) doesn’t suffer from hayfever.


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4 thoughts on “Do not ask for whom the fluff falls

  1. I’ve never had any problems with fluff-allergy. It just annoys me when it’s flying in your face as you walk around.

    It does look pretty on the ground.

    1. W: I always enjoy watching it gently drift down to the ground, shining in the sunlight. But then, I was only at the ANU for four seasons. . . it didn’t have time to lose its novelty value.

  2. …I just love how much the philosophy student in that article looks like a philosophy student…

    1. Ben: It’s funny how philosophy and arts students are always so easy to pick. And maths or computing students. The irony is in arts though – we’re all so individual! Or not. . .

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