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CJ and I have just arrived at the hospital, and the change of scene is making me feel temporarily pretty good… at least between contractions. Three hours ago I had an internal exam and I was between 3 and 4 cms dilated, which means that I am officially and measurably in labour. I still feel like someone will say “Go home, stop whining and making such a fuss, you’re not going to give birth for ages yet.” Then I have a contraction. You’ll be shocked to hear that contractions are painful. I cling on to CJ, yell ‘ow’ a lot, and writhe about until the worst is over. And then I feel basicully fine until the next one.

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6 thoughts on “Insert Catchy Title Here

  1. It’s a wonder we reproduce, sometimes. But that said, it’s possibly useful, or everyone’d be doing it. 😉

  2. Clearly Settlers is the key…….. When things aren’t moving fast enough, introduce the child to the wonders of settlers from the womb and watch them rush to join in the fun!!!!

    1. Ann: Hah! So true. The spicy food you provided with the game may also have helped. Incidentally, when my sister was in labour we also played Settlers, and she also won. Evidently the key to winning Settlers is to be in labour. . .

  3. They really don’t call it ‘labour’ for nothing! We are thinking of you and covering your little family in prayer 🙂

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