Brillig Beijing: The Food

Beijing has an enormous variety of delicious international food. The only sad part is that unusual food tends to require a certain amount of careful questioning (“It’s a pickled WHAT?!?”) and attention, and a little bit of extra labour (rice with chopsticks, for example) which really makes things difficult while also attempting to feed an infant (and not flash my breasts as passers-by), who often has eating difficulties of her own. Generally CJ tries to keep up with the food, and to feed me and himself simultaneously. I get the general gist, at least.

Korean Barbeque (involving cooking on your own hot plate):

At/near  a Yunan/Vietnamese restaurant in Hohan.

Naturally, since we were in Beijing, we made sure to have some Beijing-style duck pancakes. The sweet heaviness of the duck and the thick sauce contrasts perfectly with the wafer-thin pancakes and cucumber sticks or bean sprouts that go inside. We had Beijing Duck last time we were here,  and we’ve been craving it ever since. And so the cycle of joy and pain begins again.

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2 thoughts on “Brillig Beijing: The Food

  1. Hmmm Beijing-style duck pancakes… I must try these some time 🙂

    You know it’s really mean that you’re blogging about all of that awesome food over there…you make me want to re-visit China and I don’t have the $$$$ at the moment 🙁

    But don’t stop blogging about the awesome food, you’re encouraging me to try and save some money…

    1. Bonnee: The daily awesomeness (not that it’s daily, technically, any more) is ALL ABOUT taunting people into making their own lives more awesome.

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