Chillin’ in China: The Great Wall

The Great Wall is possibly my favourite tourist attraction in the world (as I think I said last time). Instead of wrecking the stunning mountain ranges of China, it frames them, draping across the landscape like an especially relaxed and sinuous cat. Last time we visited Badaling in the depths of Winter. This time we visited Wutianyu in Spring (including an awesome cable car ride up – and CJ took the toboggan down).

The above photo is for orientation. We began at the rectangular section on the left, and I walked through the first guard tower and down to the little platform (also on the left), then returned. CJ walked on with a surprisingly large portion of our group, and took this photo.

The above picture is taken looking away from the rebuilt section, into the overgrown ruins of the Wall. The below is just for fun.

The above photo shows a section that is by no means the steepest on the wall. That’s Bil in front.

And here are just two more photos – both breastfeeding.

To me, the slightly exasperated look on my face and the pointed toes say it all: breastfeeding is an awkward and uncomfortable thing, and although a part of me enjoys it I still dread feeding time. I wrote a few days ago that I’d like to breastfeed on the Great Wall. It struck me then and it strikes me now as a uniquely female way of marking territory. Breastfeeding is so hard and so humiliating and it takes away so much – but dammit, I’m doing it anyway. I own myself and I own my body and now I own China from the Great Wall to Kowloon Park.

I’m in lush again, laughing at a great song sung by a friend of Bil’s (“I cry and eat french fries simultaneously”). I love being here, especially with friends of Bil and Bonnie from all over the world – but the wedding is tomorrow and CJ and Louisette and I will soon be home. Home is always sweeter after being away, and best of all – no more strangers staring or photographing me while I’m trying to breastfeed perched on a shelf, hidden in back rooms, or sitting on major tourist sites.

Well, probably not.

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