#155: Marshmallow Gun

Yep, that special time is finally here. CJ and I cobbled together the following:

1. Blow dart.

Materials: Aluminium foil and sticky tape.

Method: Roll aluminium into a marshmallow-sized tube, fastening it in place with tape. Flare the end if you like.

Loading weapon: Put marshmallow inside tube.

Fire power: Human breath.

Rating: One Star.

2. Catapult.

Materials: Flexible ruler, cardboard and sticky tape.

Method: Use cardboard and tape to make a marshmallow-sized shelf close to one end of the ruler.

Loading weapon: Put marshmallow on shelf and pull back ruler.

Fire power: Elasticity of ruler as it springs back into shape.

Rating: Three stars.

3. Tube Thingy.

Materials: PVC tube, toilet roll tube, large sticky tape.

Cover the end of the smaller tube with sticky tape. Put the taped end just inside the PVC tube.

Loading weapon: Drop marshmallows in the other end of the PVC tube so they rest on the tape.

Fire power: Human muscle as you slam your hand onto the other end of the cardboard tube.

Rating: Two stars.

4. Catapult.

Materials: A spoon, rubber bands, and something to attach them to (in this case, a metal frame with cloth padding added later).

Method:  Attach the rubber bands to the frame. Put the spoon in the rubber bands and twist.

Loading strategy: Turn the spoon until the rubber bands are extremely twisted. Put a marshmallow in the spoon.

Fire power: Rubber band elasticity as they return to their normal shape.

Rating: Four stars (extra points for the high likelihood of injury to gunslinger).

5. Cannon.

Materials: Leaf blower, gaffa tape (duct tape), fly screen.

Method: Tape up the outward air hole (not the inward one, fyi) with fly screen and gaffa tape, preferably close to the motor end.

Loading method: Put a whole lot of marshmallows in the outward air hole.

Fire power: Air. Oh, and the electric motor.

Rating: Mwa hahahahaha!!!

All but the last are pictured below:

And naturally there’s a video demonstration (why do I have a cat on my lap? Because that’s what evil people do).

The cat wasn’t harmed. Trust me.

In fact, I took a video of her killing the mighty marshmallow of doom, and I plan to post it next Sunday (regardless of what that day’s awesomeness is).

Play along at home: Choose your gun from the above range and challenge a housemate or family member to a duel (personally, I’d recommend # 5 if you plan to win).

Tomorrow: Eat trifle (finally).

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    1. Jolyon: It IS cool how you can hear the THUNK on the video as it hits CJ.

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