#121: Eat CJ’s Trifle

Some time ago, I pointed out to CJ that Donkey (of Shrek fame) makes a deeply erroneous statement that goes a little bit like this: “Parfait! Everyone likes parfait! I ain’t ever heard nobody say, ‘I don’t like no parfait’.”

The fact of the matter is, I don’t like parfait (that is, trifle). At all.

When I told CJ this, he said, “But you haven’t tried my trifle.” We agreed then that I’d have to try it some day. That, my blogospheric friends, was 2007.

So finally, the month came when stars aligned and the moment for trifle was upon us. Family and friends gathered, drooling, and I shrugged noncommitally and took pictures. Here’s CJ’s much-loved recipe:

1. Fill the bottom of a large bowl with jam rolls (no cream) and tinned strawberries. Slice them up a bit with a knife. Make double-strength strawberry jelly (adding the reserved strawberry syrup) and pour it over the rolls and berries. Using the knife, cut it up much more (until, as CJ described it, you have “a pulpy mess”).

Leave it overnight to set.

Mix up custard from a powder, stirring as it cools so it doesn’t get a skin, and layer that over the jelly.

Leave it overnight to set (at this point CJ was buzzing with trifle anticipation).

Whip cream with sugar and vanilla and put it on top. Decorate with fresh strawberries.

Eat it.

So. . . what was the verdict?

Clearly, this was good trifle. But I didn’t like it. Not an entirely surprising thing, since I hate bready desserts, am neutral on jelly, and am lactose intolerant (and dislike most lactose products).

But, oddly, the custard was the best I’d ever tasted – with the texture and subtlety of caramel (which I love).

Play along at home: Make and/or eat trifle.

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7 thoughts on “#121: Eat CJ’s Trifle

  1. Worth noting, I put in twice the amount of custard powder that the instructions recommend and added about two teaspoons of sugar. Next time I may trying adding an egg.

  2. Hey hon, any chance you can get CJ to send me a photo of the cake? People want to see it…. And i’m with you on the trifle – dont like the cake/jelly/custard bit – the fruit is fine!

  3. I thought there was cat/marshmallow/weapons of mass destruction videos coming today?

    1. Jolyon – the marshmallow gun video should be yesterday (Australian Sunday rather than American Sunday). The cat killing a marshmallow video will be posted six days from today.

      Ann – it shall be done.

      Steff Metal – I’m with CDH on this one. Clearly.


  4. I can NOT understand how anyone could not like trifle – there’s cake, there’s fruit, there’s custard, there’s cream. When I make trifle, there’s lots and lots of brandy and/or sherry.

    But then again, CDH – the king of the sweet tooth – doesn’t like it either, and he LOVES cake, custard, cream and brandy. Just apparently not all together.

    Some people are CRAZY.

  5. Trifle is the best thing that exists.

    CJ’s trifle was wonderful (my mouth is watering right now with my desire for more), however it cannot compete with the (very different) legendary Crispin Trifle of Wonder…

  6. Hi there… note to CJ. Do not, I say do, not cut the sponge, syrup layer up too much. It may slightly resemble the sponge roll it began as. So the pulpy mess thing – not so much. However do check with Aunty Cath when you see her next time!

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