S#68: Gratitude

I love sunny days. I can’t believe I’m still comfy in crocs.

I love having two cats to glare at me in shifts 24-7. (My older cat is currently attacking the couch, which is made even more entertaining by how self-conscious she is about being so silly.)

I love that I now work (partly) from home three days a week.

I love my jobs – writing, and tutoring.

I love avocados.

I love that I’m going to eat CJ’s lasagna for dinner tonight.

I love that CJ earns enough that I can spend too much on groceries and it’s okay.

I love furniture. I love being surrounded by the homely things I’ve built up over several years, piece by piece.

I love being married. It’s only been a year and a half, but it’s clear I’m incredibly lucky. CJ is the best company there is.

And I love that I’m almost sort of in the healthy weight range.

And I love chocolate.

Play along at home: What do you have, that you love? The above list is what makes my life good.

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