#99: Rediscover Winter clothing

There comes a point in the year when a girl has to wrestle open the Bottom Drawer and dig out the clothes that can only be worn when the air outside is cold enough to flay skin. It is at that moment the aforementioned girl goes, “Ooh! I remember that scarf! Hey look, my favourite jacket!” etc.

Although you can’t tell from the picture, I’m wearing hobo gloves here (as I am at this very moment).

I love that beanie. I love that scarf (thanks Mum). And most of all, I love that jacket. It has a mysterious smear of yellow paint on one elbow, several scratches from when I rode a motorcycle, a cuff sewn on backwards (oops), and one entire sleeve appears to be gradually detaching. It cost me $10 at a fair, and it is Da Bomb. Since one of my students is also a family friend, I was even able to wear this outfit to work. Double awesome. (And boots, of course.)

Play along at home: Rummage in your own Bottom Drawer of Doom and you’re sure to find something wonderful. Enjoy it with all your heart, and come tell us all what it is. Mittens? A hat with a bobble on top? Earmuffs? Ug boots? A hand-knitted jumper? Spill!

Tomorrow: Your first Three-Ingredient Thursday. Nom nom.

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