#155: Three-Ingredient Thursday # 1

I love food. No really, I LOVE food. The fact that God designed us to eat three times EVERY day says all kinds of wonderful things about him.

So, based on this challenge (http://peaslovecarrots.blogspot.com/2009/11/10-recipes-10-days-3-ingredients.html) I’ll be dedicating Thursdays to recipes with just three whole ingedients (cooking fat, water, salt and pepper are permitted freebies). Hopefully there’ll be every imaginable type of food – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, dessert – eventually. There shall be ten altogether.

First up is something that looks a whole lot better than it tastes. I’m probably not the first to invent it, but I’ll call it “Shouldn’t you be green?”

Ingredients: Lemonade, lemon juice and blue curacao.

Play along at home: almost any soft drink tastes better with a squeeze of lemon juice. I particularly recommend lemonade or coke.

Tomorrow: Breakfast in bed, and the twittertale so far, and the answer to the question: Can I get down to 78 kilos in three weeks? (This morning I weighed 78.3 kilos.)

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4 thoughts on “#155: Three-Ingredient Thursday # 1

  1. Yes! Every soft drink tastes better with lemon juice! Particularly fresh lemon juice.

    You didn’t say what Shouldn’t You Be Green tastes like. Did it make you green?

  2. It tasted like blue curacao (which tastes of blue), but with more sugar. And honestly the lemon juice makes the flavour gentler and more pleasant.

    It’s actually a really nice cocktail, particularly since blue curacao doesn’t actually taste good (as such).


  3. Can I recommend something? Tried it the other night – magnifique!

    Cut courgette really thin and grill or girddle it (we don’t have a griddle). Spread toasted bread with cream cheese. Put cougette on top. HEAVEN.

    (mind you, mine had fresh corriander on top, too. But that would make it four ingredients 🙂

  4. That’s still fixable. Leave out the bread, then you can put the coriander on (seeds or leaves?)

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