#214: Spontaneous Soccer & Steampunk Tips

I was at a lunch with CJ’s family when this happened:

A bunch of us adults – all the girls in heels – stood in a rough circle and kicked around a number of balls while a two-year-old screamed delightedly and ran around in the middle. His grandfather and a great-aunt played too.

It was marvellous fun, and I felt my heart beating in an old, familiar way.

Grass. A ball. My feet.

Yes. It was soccer, jumping and cavorting in the back of my mind.

Regular readers will be shocked to hear that I used to play soccer obsessively (in school, not in any official team – but within that semi-competitive zone I was well respected). On a couple of occasions since, I’ve played spontaneous soccer in a road or on a field. Due to uncoordination plus an enthusiasm bordering on the kamikaze, I generally play barefoot against boys in shoes – and generally end up bleeding (they end up bruised, so it seems fair).

Our little circle turned into a soccer game, and I took off my jacket and boots and felt the old love of the game come flooding back. I had to restrain myself rather a lot, but I still got to head the ball, and almost score a goal despite three defenders in my way.

Right now I’m scheming to get together with a few semi-coordinated friends and play for more than those few tantalising minutes. Could this be a new and effective chocolate substitute?

I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, here’s a link to Richard Harland’s steampunk writing tips. http://ripping-ozzie-reads.com/2010/04/30/tips-for-writing-steampunk/ and the clockwork angel picture that goes with it.

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4 thoughts on “#214: Spontaneous Soccer & Steampunk Tips

    1. When the game actually happens, W, I’ll try to tempt you. Good to know you’re theoretically in.

  1. I’ll wave from the sidelines, or perhaps from the other side of the world. But I’ll be waving! You don’t want to see me trying to run with a ball – it’s a recipe for disaster.

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