S#87: Sleepy Time

From Steffmetal.com, today’s mission of awesome was: “If you can spare the dough, buy new sheets and a duvet* for your bed. Find something completely luxurious in your favourite colour. Make over your bed, and you make over your sleep.”

CJ and I went shopping for new bedlinen, and were severely underwhelmed by the options we found. So instead I employed an old marrieds’ trick: I looked deeper into the linen cupboard.

We have a lovely white sheet set in sateen that my Mum gave me one Christmas, and I discovered the blue pillows and sheet under an excessive number of towels (among which I also found three nice items that I had thought were lost forever).

Today’s model is my 13-year old cat Indah, who doesn’t pose nearly as much as the 3-year old Ana.

*Is a duvet a doona? I assumed it was the cover, but I’m unsure. I shoulda paid attention when I was learning English.

I put an awesomeness into motion through the mail last week. If you’re someone who knows I know your address – check your snail mail. You might just be one of my victims lucky recipients. The rest of you will find out what it is tomorrow.

And, to get you feeling nautical for “The Captain’s Daughter”, here’s a little bit of Jack Sparrow.

My favourite part of this photo is the implied confusion in his expression.

I weighed myself this morning, and I’m feeling better about life. I’ve lost three of the necessary ten kilos. That meant I was able to fit into my swimmers (somewhat useful, non?). . . just. They’re very uncomfortable, and the fly on my board shorts is velcro, which means that if I bend at the waist (say, for example, while getting in or out of the public pool) it flies open.

May I never put on this much lard ever again. Amen.

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