S#25: Watchword

My mission, from steffmetal.com:

“Change your passwords on your email, your bank, your paypal account, everything, to words that make you smile. Banana, elocution, duped, muggle, flippant, pumpkmen, snooty, sneed, salacious. . . the possibilities are endless!”

For obvious reasons, all I can say is that I did. Feel free to play along at home – or make suggestions, if you like. What are your favourite words?

So here’s photos of the sky creeping up on me:


And HERE is the post you’ve all been waiting for – huzzah for the extremely entertaining antics of real historical pirates (PG for mild language – the site itself is unrated, and not at all child-oriented):


This is a post I’ve been planning for months, so do click on it.

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5 thoughts on “S#25: Watchword

    1. Ben: bomb bomb US government kill fascist infidel bomb.

      Hopefully when the CIA hacks into my new passwords, it’ll make them smile.

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