S#49: Get mentioned on TV

Yep, today is a day of double awesomeness.

An infamous twittertales blog entry was just described by the unforgettable Chrissie Swan on “The Circle” TV show – with my full writing name, and the fact that I blogged about it.

Here’s the original hilarious tale:


PS: Technically, this entry is “Achieve a lifelong dream”. I think, on the basis of the luck required for my cunning plan to work, this counts.

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4 thoughts on “S#49: Get mentioned on TV

  1. So what did they actually say? (and why would they mention a blog about CJ getting stuck in a loo in Indonesia??)

    Gotta admit though, getting mentioned on national TV is definitely awesome!

    1. Thanks Stu and Will. I watch “The Circle” while riding an exercise bike most mornings. They often solicit funny stories from audience members, and I noticed they always mentioned people’s names. As a result, when they asked for terrible holiday stories I sent them an email (as Louise Curtis) telling the toilet story, with the punchline that I blogged about it (which was a cunning ploy – and surprisingly, it worked). Chrissie retold it (keeping my punchline), and said it was her favourite 🙂

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