#230: Tinfoil Hat

Ben (who else?) suggested I do something paranoid for a day. I decided to go with the classic – you know, so the government agents watching me can’t read my thoughts.

Can you read my thoughts in the above photo? If not, then it worked.

I wore this hat while watching “Gilmore Girls”, riding on my exercise bike, and hanging out washing. Then I realised the government agents watching me mustn’t know that I know they’re there. So I thought up the cunning disguise you see below (worn over the tinfoil hat):

Take that, The Man!

I wore it grocery shopping, I’m about to wear it to work, and I’m wearing it right now. (If you can’t read my thoughts, it’s working.)

If you think my thoughts are, “Oh, I look like SUCH an idiot” then – well. . . uh. . . I guess I need more tinfoil.

Speaking of segueways, here’s Helena Bonham Carter looking piratical¬†(from the catwalkqueen blog):

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6 thoughts on “#230: Tinfoil Hat

  1. Somehow you have just made a thousand crazy people look crazier. They’re muttering under their breaths, wondering why they didn’t think to disguise their tinfoil hat so that they could go out in public, knowing that the government didn’t know that they knew.

    1. W: I didn’t make the crazies look crazy – I only made them look stupid. And lacking in style.

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