#232: Report

So today (two days early, but a full 7 kilos lighter) I finished the six weeks of no-chocolate-for-Louise.

Kilos lost: 7

Bouts of uncontrollable violence: Three (only one thing is still broken, although some bruises are still coming up*)

Ratio of days spent crying to days without crying: 1:4

Seasons of Gilmore Girls watched: 1 per week for all 6 weeks.**

Kilos left to lose to put me in the healthy weight range: 3

Kilos left to lose to put me in my normal weight range: 10

What we’ve learnt: Daily binges are bad.

Chocolate consumed today: 100 grams, and a Goodberries concrete with maltesers, peanut butter cups, and cookie dough.

Future plans: I’m going to try and lose three more kilos this year. I’ll have to be really really tightly under control to eat limited chocolate without bingeing.

I think I can afford about one binge a month in regular life, and once January comes I’ll start working out how much chocolate I can have in a day without gaining weight. Because there’s no way I can go without chocolate long-term. And if I want to start a family in the next few years, I can’t go back on anti-depressants.


But today and tomorrow I can have chocolate.

Image taken from theconnectedlawyer.com

*on me, not on any other person. So that’s. . . better than the alternative.

**And just found out there are seven seasons and FREAKED OUT. Watching season 7 as I type, and will probably finish it (like season six) in two days. I CAN’T TAKE ALL THIS CHARMING SMALL-TOWN TENSION ANY MORE.

I told my mum-in-law I’d watched six seasons in six weeks and she said, “Oh really? You know what’s really handy when you can’t sleep? The Gilmore Girls alphabet. A is for April, B is for Babbet, C is for Christopher. . . . . I never get all the way to Z.”

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