Born Yesterday

As I write, Louisette is still less than twenty-four hours old. (I am eating a bacon sandwich, by the way.)

I have some cool blog entries coming up: more on the labour experience (my established labour was 11 hours, which is only slightly above average, and I’m in quite good shape – feeling overall about as wrecked as I did a week ago, but I’m able to lie down without nausea or pain, and I can drink as much of any liquid as I feel like without risk of throwing up – plus, I’m improving by the hour), including live commentary by my sister (who figured I should check it first – and  even took photos of yours truly staring bleaky at the camera between contractions).

Here’s another pic taken moments after birth:

Also, of course, I’ll be reporting in more detail on Louisette’s good health and her precise stats. . . she is alarmingly large, at over four kilos (also over nine pounds). An average baby is 3.5 kilos or 7 pounds. She slept for most of the night, but woke up several times, understandably disgruntled at the state of the world. Right now she is sleeping more peacefully, fitting the usual pattern of nocturnal newborns.

She fed pretty darn well just half an hour after being born, so already I feel like breastfeeding will work out fine.

And, since the above photo is already terribly dated, here is one from this morning, shortly after she got the hang of being asleep.

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10 thoughts on “Born Yesterday

    1. W: Huzzah indeed. On Monday I caught myself lying down (with only one pillow, too!) eating jelly beans (which I haven’t been able to eat at all, and certainly not without then drinking gaviscon and waiting half an hour before moving!)

  1. Well done on a beautiful girl!

    And I bet you’re relieved to actually be able to eat and drink something 🙂

    1. Stu: Thanks! Evidently I think so too.

      It’s brilliant being able to eat and drink without pausing to think, “Is this a good idea?” first. And I can let myself get hungry between meals without fear of repercussions, too.

    1. Ben: I think I actually predicted a full head of hair way, way back in first trimester (right here on the blog). It’s an extremely strong family trait on my side (handy for not finding oneself with a Winston Churchill). I only wondered if it’d be dark (my side, always) or light (CJ and his brother were both white-blonde in their youth).

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