Art for Schools

The full list of MURDER IN THE MAIL: A BLOODY BIRTHDAY contributors is here, but this article is specifically about the art from the exhibition currently showing at The Front cafe & gallery, with teachers and school principals in mind. I have chosen the most school-appropriate image from each artist to recommend (and have neglectedContinue reading “Art for Schools”

“Iron Lights” Book Launch

Book launches are like holidays*: You look forward to them like crazy, and then when they’re over you’re deeply relieved. Win-win? The first and third books of my steampunk trilogy were launched at the Canberra Writers Festival (2016 & 2018; the middle book was launched at Conflux 2017). In 2016 the venue was the NationalContinue reading ““Iron Lights” Book Launch”

Me, me, me!

The brilliant writer and photographer Cat Sparks was kind enough to photograph the IRON LIGHTS launch at Old Parliament House today. If you’ve heard her name linked to the Canberra Writers Festival before, it’s because she was on some of the panels. There are so many brilliant photos that I’ve decided to save this entryContinue reading “Me, me, me!”

Addendum: A Bloody Fantastic Cake

Here’s Cassie’s own pic of the cake she made, next to Shauna’s picture. Artists are so amazing! They never cease to impress and delight me.   It tasted good too.   PS The launch for IRON LIGHTS was pretty cool too. Cat Sparks did the photos and I already have them. They’re so incredible I’mContinue reading “Addendum: A Bloody Fantastic Cake”

Murder in the Mail Art Exhibition Opening

Today is Saturday, August 25, 2018. Today MURDER IN THE MAIL: A BLOODY BIRTHDAY was officially launched with the beginning of a week-long art installation at The Front cafe & gallery (1 Wattle St, Lyneham, Canberra). It featured all eight pieces of story art (you can see them here), plus several bonus pieces (three OctopusContinue reading “Murder in the Mail Art Exhibition Opening”

Bloody Cake!

So I panicked and ordered a custom-made cake for the MURDER IN THE MAIL: A BLOODY BIRTHDAY opening/launch this Saturday 3:30-5pm at The Front. Cassie of Cassie’s Custom Creations is the amazing lady whose response to “Canihaveacustom3tiercakebysatudayohplease” was, “YES!” And this is what she’s working off—the incredibly intricate pic by Shauna O’Meara: I can’t waitContinue reading “Bloody Cake!”

Say what??

This weekend is the Canberra Writers Festival, and I have not one but TWO book launches. Saturday is the official launch of MURDER IN THE MAIL: A BLOODY BIRTHDAY (complete with a week-long art installation) at The Front cafe & gallery (Lyneham shops, 3:30-5pm). It’s not officially connected to the Canberra Writers Festival at all,Continue reading “Say what??”

Book Week activity for pre-school to Year 4 kids

Last year, I wrote a story with my daughter’s Kindy class. This year I’m going one better (or at least noisier) and writing a story with my son’s pre-school class. This is a fairly fancy* pre-school, so even in pre-school the kids are encouraged to write their own names, and most can write the firstContinue reading “Book Week activity for pre-school to Year 4 kids”

Author Photo

Every so often I get asked for an author photo. Here are some that I use pretty often: Nice and steampunky, but WILDLY out of date. Amusing – captured just as the whistle blew, scaring the crap out of me. I’m actually (just barely) pregnant with Louisette in this photo. Generally author pics want toContinue reading “Author Photo”

Cover Reveal: Iron Lights

Here she is, in all her end-of-trilogy glory: And with her sisters: Wow. I can’t wait to have all three on a table. Speaking of tables, this weekend is GammaCon Canberra, for all your nerdy needs! You can find out more here, or just show up at Exhibition Park between 9am and 5pm this weekendContinue reading “Cover Reveal: Iron Lights”

“Murder in the Mail: A Bloody Birthday” Contributors

Full alphabetical list of contributors (many of these people are both writers and artists, but I’ve only listed them as artists if that’s their role in “A Bloody Birthday”): Barr, Julian: Writer Banks, Felicity: Writer & Curator My Interactive Fiction Bendon, Carmel: Writer   Denman, Carolyn: Writer BOOKS and PUBLICATIONS Goodin, Laura E:Continue reading ““Murder in the Mail: A Bloody Birthday” Contributors”

TrailerFest 2018

Today I decided that my 2-3 (I honestly don’t know) YouTube accounts needed tidying up, so I started a fresh new channel (because that simplifies things, right?) using the email account. As you may have guessed, I love doing my own book trailers. It’s so much fun! The channel is here (don’t click on that;Continue reading “TrailerFest 2018”

The beginning of the end

Well, it’s still not 100% certain, but things aren’t looking good for Princess Ana. There are probably some hard decisions ahead. So here she is, looking perfect as usual: Update: The decision to put her to sleep has been made. We’ll tell the kids in the morning. Update: Ana died peacefully at the vet lastContinue reading “The beginning of the end”