Goulburn Comic Con & Wagga GammaCon

So I’ll be quite busy for the next 8 days as Goulburn Comic Con is literally tomorrow (free entry, Veolia Arena, 10am-5pm) and Wagga Wagga Gamma Con is literally one week later. I haven’t been to either event before but I’m very excited about both. Goulburn Comic Con is actually the reason my kids’ fantasyContinue reading “Goulburn Comic Con & Wagga GammaCon”

Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman

See? I can do blindingly obvious clickbait too! But I do legitimately want to explore my feelings about these two beautiful films, so here we are. OBVIOUSLY team Wonder Woman and team Captain Marvel are all just one big ball of love and congratulations. And the fan art of the two superheroines is glorious. DoContinue reading “Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman”

Escape Room Accessibility

The typical escape room company is located in a hard-to-find corner—somewhere with small windows, ill-suited to shopfronts or homes. There are usually stairs, and almost always darkness. MADAM ALCHEMIST, my portable magical steampunk escape room, is designed to be suitable for most ages and abilities. It is G-rated and has no physical challenges. This blogContinue reading “Escape Room Accessibility”

Madam Alchemist

This weekend is CanCon, and I have a stall there, with the tabletop version of my escape room (now called “Madam Alchemist” since it takes place in a mad scientist’s secret laboratory). I ran five play-tests during the day yesterday, and all of them went off without a hitch. I also had people approaching meContinue reading “Madam Alchemist”

Shooting Through: the escape room that comes to you

MADAM ALCHEMIST is now running in Canberra. THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING ROOM will be made available again in future.  What is the permanent location like? The permanent location is in Macgregor, within sight of the Kippax MacDonald’s and Vet. It is a room of my house that happens to also have hundreds of books in itContinue reading “Shooting Through: the escape room that comes to you”

Christmas: Jesus, Gifts, and Stress

So Christmas is about three things for me. (Cunning readers may guess what they are based on the title.) This is the beginning of a three-part blog series on Christmas (aka holiday therapy for yours truly). Fairly obviously for a Christian, Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus aka the God I follow. Yes, I’m awareContinue reading “Christmas: Jesus, Gifts, and Stress”

Dogs, Goths, Kilts, Pirates, and Octopuses

Last weekend was the weekend of the annual Goulburn Waterworks Steampunk & Victoriana Fair. It’s always an absolute blast. The standard of garb at Goulburn is always amazing: corsets, top hats, pocket watches, waistcoats, bustles, crinolines, and epic boots galore! I thought I’d do a super quick blog on some of the side effects ofContinue reading “Dogs, Goths, Kilts, Pirates, and Octopuses”

GUI ChoiceScript?

I just found out that various people are working on making ChoiceScript easier to learn and use. I… probably won’t use these tools because I’ve grown comfortable with using CS directly and don’t want to mess with that (yes, I am old and crotchety. Shut up). Here‘s the link to much usefulness! Here’s Zipper, gettingContinue reading “GUI ChoiceScript?”


My fellow Odyssey Books author, Carmel Bendon, reviewed IRON LIGHTS for me on Goodreads. Here’s what she said: Iron Lights is the third book in Felicity Banks’ The Antipodean Queen trilogy and the next in the adventures of the series’ heroine, Emmeline Muchamore. Iron Lights, however, stands alone as a cohesive read and there isContinue reading “IRON LIGHTS review”