How To Talk English, Like, More Gooder

If you watch TV, you’ll know that people are dumb. As a writer, you don’t want to alienate the slavering masses of humanity, so here’s ten ways to make absolutely sure you come across as a complete idiot in your writing (interspersed with steampunk gadgets). 1. Use “like”, “totally”, and “you know” as much as possible! AlsoContinue reading “How To Talk English, Like, More Gooder”

S#14: Bubbles!

Ingredients: Cheap dishwashing detergent. Water. Cornflour (optional; I dunno if it helped or hindered). A bucket. Hands. To make bubbles, you make an “OK” symbol with one hand, and blow through the “O” into your other hand (cupped to receive the bubble). I so very highly recommend you play along at home. It’s like magic.Continue reading “S#14: Bubbles!”

#220: Recognised by a Stranger

As I wandered innocently through the Steampunk 21st Party of yesterday’s post, I was accosted by this man: He addressed me with the infamous phrase, “Hey, aren’t you. . . ?” and proceeded to tell me my full name and, “You write those twittertales, right?” I’ve never seen him before in my life. He’s never seen meContinue reading “#220: Recognised by a Stranger”

Further steampunk data (PG: a bit creepy)

Today’s awesomeness is #118: Clean someone else’s house. I’ve planned for several months to pull (slightly) more than my weight while staying here – since, after all, my sister could pop out a child at almost any moment. And onto today’s more thrilling tales of wonder (and, it must be mentioned by way of warning, aContinue reading “Further steampunk data (PG: a bit creepy)”

#116: Visit sundry relations (and, further steampunk tales)

I am in Perth, which is slightly farther from my home than New Zealand. The up side of Perth is that my sister and her husband live here, and my grandpa, and an aunt and uncle who I very rarely see (with the especial feature that my uncle is Indonesian). On Wednesday night, having discoveredContinue reading “#116: Visit sundry relations (and, further steampunk tales)”

A steampunk romance – and, windchimes

I’m reading Bill Bryson’s “At Home” which is all about how history made our homes the way they are (eg germs, telephones and electric lights all started drastically changing homes in the 1880s). Obviously, the Victorian bits are of particular interest. (And I can smugly note that he quotes Liza Picard’s “Victorian London” repeatedly –Continue reading “A steampunk romance – and, windchimes”

How to Write Steampunk

So, you wanna write a steampunk tale? I recommend you start by researching Victorian times – my favourite book is “Victorian London” by Liza Picard. Her section on bathing is hilarious. You can also go here, for some of the most beloved bits and bobs of steampunk compositions: You can read Richard Harland’s “Worldshaker”, “GirlContinue reading “How to Write Steampunk”

S#44: No-one at home (and steampunk outfits)

*I accidentally posted this a day early, so tomorrow I’ll post some writing tips* For today’s awesomeness I changed my answering machine message to say, “Hello. You’ve reached Louise’s evil twin. Please leave a message, and any other information that might be helpful in my plan to take over her life, and then the world.”Continue reading “S#44: No-one at home (and steampunk outfits)”

Steampunk Earth Day Launch

On Saturday 30 October, wherever you are in the world, it’s time to play along at home. Steampunk (adjective): Victorian-inspired alternate reality for fiction and fun. How to join Steampunk Earth Day: Spend an hour or a full day doing any selection of these options: 1. Turn off the lights. 2. Turn off the AC/heater. 3.Continue reading “Steampunk Earth Day Launch”

Cloud Wars: What is steampunk?

Steampunk is a storytelling genre that features a mix of craftmanship and technology based on Victorian times – but more fun. Steampunk Earth Day is on 30 October 2010 – it’s a lot like Earth Hour, but with more options (and better outfits). It’s G-rated, and fully international, since you play along (literally) at home. reading “Cloud Wars: What is steampunk?”