Plot Device Film, and Ten Untranslatable Words

Here is a movie and an article that are sashaying around the writerly blogosphere at the moment. Yes, it’s a long film for youtube. But it’s way shorter than a movie, and just as good. Say hi to the zombies for me.   And this is an article by someone who has picked ten words thatContinue reading “Plot Device Film, and Ten Untranslatable Words”

Don’t have contacts in the biz? Don’t worry

Last year I spent a bunch of moolah and time schmoozing across Australia, and I ended up with personal contact (handshakes, names, cards) with staff from four of Australia’s six big publishers. I now have enough data to tell you what those contacts mean to me so far: *drum roll* Drastically longer response time. I am personallyContinue reading “Don’t have contacts in the biz? Don’t worry”

How to be awesome (here)

Today’s article is written by Nathan Bransford, who is a writer, ex-agent, and social media expert. It’s called “How to write a good blog comment” and I can heartily confess to rampant self-interest in sharing it here. Let’s begin: The art of writing blog comments may at first blush seem like a frivolous and unimportantContinue reading “How to be awesome (here)”

In the beginnings. . .

Time to hide in your box, quivering in terror. Today we’ll be visiting the Pub Rants blog (“pub” as in “publication”, you lush) for the bad news about beginnings: 99.9% are rubbish. You can tell an experienced writer because they don’t bat an eye when someone says, “Send me the first two hundred words ofContinue reading “In the beginnings. . .”

101 Awesomenesses: Report

I have taken MANY liberties (mainly shortening and some retitling) with this list, but the original list is here. The pictures below are mine, except for the last one. There will be more awesome linked lists (top tens and suchlike) soon. 1. Pajama party In bed. Just you, something (or someone) to snuggle, a laptop, notebookContinue reading “101 Awesomenesses: Report”