Mega Lolly & Chocolate Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed something heinously unhealthy on this blog, so when I saw a whole bunch of new and exciting permutations of sugar, cocoa, and chemicals at Woolies today I bought them all. Let’s begin, as every good beginning does, with chocolate. Lindt Orange Intense I’m not usually a fan ofContinue reading “Mega Lolly & Chocolate Review”

Wattleseed bread, finger limes, and bush tomato

Yesterday I sold books at the Goulburn Reader Writer Festival, and met Fiona, who was selling a range of Australian native foods from Bent Shed Produce. Naturally I was deliriously excited and I tasted several different things before settling on buying lemon myrtle (which I already know is delicious; it really is as if lemonContinue reading “Wattleseed bread, finger limes, and bush tomato”

Ah, l’Hospital!

For those who don’t follow me on facebook or twitter, I’m in hospital (again). Just as it looked like I was in the clear post-operatively speaking, I developed an infection. It so happens that the infection is right in a patch of my belly that’s currently completely numb. Which possibly explains why I’ve been inContinue reading “Ah, l’Hospital!”

Books, Food, and the Dangers of Combining the Two

I’ve hurt my back (again) so for the last two days I haven’t been able to do much. I wasn’t even sure I was okay to drive, so yesterday my partner Chris worked from home, and today my father-in-law brought the kids home after school. Today was a whole lot better than yesterday, pain-wise, andContinue reading “Books, Food, and the Dangers of Combining the Two”

Party Post-Mortem

Yesterday was TJ’s 2nd birthday party. It was also the family party/get-together for Chris… and my brother. And my nephew. My brother didn’t actually come, which he probably enjoyed very much. It all started with the knowledge that my parents were visiting Canberra that weekend. With four family birthdays around the same time, I hadContinue reading “Party Post-Mortem”

The Chocolate Race

I like taking salted gourmet nuts and putting them in a bowl with other lollies so the salt spreads throughout, accenting all the flavours. So sure, I tried the new Cadbury Vegemite chocolate. This is how it goes: Cautious bite. Hey, it’s just like a strongly salted caramel. It’s really not baaa—- Aaarrgghh!!!!! Vegemite!!!! WHYYYYYYYYY!!!!????!?!?!??!?!Continue reading “The Chocolate Race”

French Cooking. . . Felicity Style

I’ve successfully managed to NOT get into the Tour de France this year, which is excellent as five hours a day of additional TV (regardless of what I’m also doing as I watch) is laughably implausible at the moment. However, I did still see the first cooking segment by enthusiastic French chef Gabriel Gaté, andContinue reading “French Cooking. . . Felicity Style”

Naked Truth Chocolate Bars

I stumbled across these in the lolly aisle at Coles. The name reminded me instantly of “nudie” juice drinks – another deliberately cute, expensive company that pours heart and soul into being the very best in its field (and charges accordingly). There was a wide variety of options, so I chose three. 1. Sweetie Pie:Continue reading “Naked Truth Chocolate Bars”