Companion to Day Eight: Seasickness

About 60% of new sailors get seasick (more women than men). It usually lasts only two or three days, and then you’re fine (unless the weather changes significantly and rapidly – which, at sea, it does). Captain Sol, Ulandin and Oldy are just lucky they don’t get sick. It’s horrible. If you go below decks,Continue reading “Companion to Day Eight: Seasickness”

Companion to Day Six: Magic

Hello to all the kids I met today, who invented wonderful stories for me – the handsome prince with bed-wetting issues – the flying dog with a taste for leg of schoolboy, and – the horrifying – but delicious – sludge monster, Jim. —————————————————————————————————- The tropical world of the story is called Rahana. Rahana isContinue reading “Companion to Day Six: Magic”

Companion to Day Five: Interview with Captain Sol

Before I begin, hello to Leo, Nathan, Michael and Nikki! Like the other interviews, this is conducted by Louise Curtis and plays in real-time (so Louise Curtis magically dropped in on the island pictured at the top of this blog, and ran into a hungry – but rich – Captain Sol). Interview I found Sol wanderingContinue reading “Companion to Day Five: Interview with Captain Sol”

Companion to Day Four: Videos

There’s not much to discuss about today’s tweet except to sigh and say, “Young love. . .” Speaking of the young, hello to the kids I met today! Jordan, Sam, Britney, Alexandro (selamat malam!), Thomas and Hazel. Look for “Pirate Flashmob Canberra” on YouTube and hopefully you’ll find the movie of the mob! Let meContinue reading “Companion to Day Four: Videos”

Companion to Day Three: Food

Hello to Dorian, Scott and Hayley who I met today (along with the rest of their classes)! Like Ulandin (the person telling the story of, “Worse Things Happen at Sea”, I love food. Here’s a recipe for soto (Javanese chicken soup) which I invented after eating it at Jakarta airport. Ingredients: 1 Onion Asian spicesContinue reading “Companion to Day Three: Food”

Companion to Day 2: Tricksy Pirates

If you’re wondering what the island looks like – look up. I based it off the island in the home page photo (although Sol and Ulandin’s perspective is rather different). On to today’s topic. Pirates were infamous for using their wits and sheer bravado as much as their cutlasses at times. In 1719, Captain Rackham’sContinue reading “Companion to Day 2: Tricksy Pirates”

I survived Year Five (and also Year Six)

Today I visited a primary school and took over two Year 5/6 classes for about an hour each. I met Aiden, Riley, Andrea, Nathan and many others. Teaching is a little bit like getting executed and a little bit like having God-like powers. The combination is confusing, to say the least. The kids were startlinglyContinue reading “I survived Year Five (and also Year Six)”

Free Short Stories

I already have a group of people who receive free short stories between 50 and 1000 words on the first day of the month. If you’d like to be part of the list (called “Felicitations” after my adult-writing name, Felicity Bloomfield), then email fellissimo[at] with “Felicitations Please” in the subject line. NOTE: the list isContinue reading “Free Short Stories”

Pirate How-To Guide

Can you believe the pirate flashmob is happening THIS Saturday? (FYI: At Lyneham shops outside Tillies and the second-hand bookshop, 2:00-2:30pm. Free family event.) My father-in-law was just panicking over lunch about what he was going to wear (not a conversation we have every day). I will be bringing a stack of home-made eyepatches, so ifContinue reading “Pirate How-To Guide”

Interview with the main character

The narrator of the twitter tale is Ulandin (chosen as narrator mainly because his name is the longest). He will be telling the story in first person (“I. . . “) Keep in mind that both Ulandin and “Louise Curtis” are technically fictional – Louise is MOSTLY me, but nicer. And a bit dumber (arguably).Continue reading “Interview with the main character”

Twitter for. . . well, for twits

It is waaaaay easier than I expected. Go to: and join from there. You’ll need a name, an email address, and the ability to invent a password and type in a word verification. That’s it! It will ask you if you want to follow various celebrities, and my little icon should be on theContinue reading “Twitter for. . . well, for twits”